Friday, October 28, 2011

Looks may be Deceiving

Does the exterior appearance of a residential structure "always" provide reasonable profile clues or assurances to the presence of an engineered structural support system (ESS)? What are occupancy profile signatures that you can read on a building that might support your observations and presumptions that will lead you directly towards you tactical engagement.

Would you expect to find the same ESS in the ajacent house along the same street or sub-division?
Think about it...There is always more to what we area "seeing" or processing based upon presumptions and assumptions.
  • Will incorrect assumptions contribute towards undesired results?
  • What are the building profile considerations that must be correctly identified that have the greatest impact on firefighting operations and the potential for the greatest risk(s) overall during transitioning operational phases?
More in the next post...
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  1. It's really true Chris.

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  2. I think they have taken all the security measures in this location while constructing the homes.Its looking very beautiful..

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  3. Looks is sometimes deceiving. Better be sure in every path you take because what you look at is different from what you see.

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