Thursday, March 3, 2011

Combat Fire Engagement

There are a number of insightful and thought provoking theories, debates, assertions, contentions and positions being postured, promoted or advocated in the realm of fire suppression and firefighter safety.

Some continue to promote with renewed banter and unwavering passion certain attributes that they feel are fundamental to the fire service, just as others promote with similar zeal and passion a different perspective of what the fire service has or should look like in today’s challenging and continually evolving built environment.

Combat fire engagement and it’s alignment to what I define as the Art and Science of Firefighting has numerous facets, components and considerations that must be taken into consideration in today’s context that are evolving, changing and challenging the notions and how we do business in the streets.

Take the time around the kitchen table today or in the day room tonight to talk about what are the evolving parameters that define combat fire engagement today.

Here are a couple of prominent links that provide different perspectives on a common theme. See how each perspective impacts your personal perspectives and those of your organization or department.

  • Rational Aggressiveness, HERE
  • Mission of the Fire Service Warrior, HERE
  • Rules of Engagement, HERE
  • Survivability Profiling, HERE 
Stay tuned for the upcoming schedule of topics and guests that will address these very issues on future programming on Taking it the Streets on
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