Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Real Simple...BUCKLE UP

If you've been paying attention to the fire service news wires over the past few weeks you should have noticed an unsettling emerging trend materializing in the form of firefighter line of duty deaths related to apparatus and POV accidents and the lack of seat belt use. If you're in any position of authority it is YOUR responsibility to ensure all your personnel on an apparatus are belted in, including yourself; before you roll out of quarters. If you're operating a POV and responding to the station or scene or operating an authorized emergency response unit solo; it is YOUR responsibility to belt yourself in AND use prudent speed and operations of the vehicle in your response-Slow Down. It's a real simple issue; Buckle up and slow down; it's that simple its that direct- and it's in YOUR hands.....

Take a look at the most recent tragic events in the double Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) in Rocky Mount (Franklin County) Virginia. HERE

Some videos and reminders about the National Seat Belt Pledge on TheCompanyOfficer.com HERE

Paul Combs

Franklin News-Post photo

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  1. hey, ive just come across this forum, its good what your doing. firefighter fatalities need to be reduced!

    i just have a question, im a volunteer from Australia and i often hear about appliances rolling or crashing in U.S. firefighter news.

    But over here it is absolutely unheard of. it just doesnt happen.

    Why? what differences are there that makes this so?


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