Friday, June 4, 2010

Experience Counts Most

Extinguishment of fires, extrication of patients and removal of hazards occur on scene with firefighters. The more one is exposed to various incidents leads to experience which, coupled with education, creates an effective fire officer.

The fire officer without experience is likely to lead a crew into a bad situation at some point. This can be catastrophic evidenced by the close calls and reports issued about those who appeared on the surface to possess all the tools.

One cannot create experience out of thin air. Some people spend an entire career going to fewer calls than some 5 year veterans respond to in 60 months. This is where education, not certification, comes in and offers help.

The difference between certification and education is substantial. Anyone can become certified but it takes dedication to become educated in the fire service. Couple this education with experience and the best officers are developed.

This is as it should be.

(Photograph by Jay Lowry)
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