Friday, May 21, 2010

The Building-Occupancy Relationship: Are you In-Tune or in Need of a Tune-Up?

Without understanding the building-occupancy relationships and integrating;construction, occupancies, fire dynamics and fire behavior, risk, analysis, the art and science of firefighting, safety conscious work environment concepts and effective and well-informed incident command management, company level supervision and task level competencies…You are derelict and negligent and “not “everyone may be going home”.

How much knowledge and formal training have you had as a Fire fighter, Company Officer or Commanding Officer on Building Construction?

Have any clue on the performance of Engineered Structural Systems….? Are your strategic plans and tactics aligned with Occupancy Risk and Building Performance Profiles AND the projected fire load/heat release rate? When was the last time you studied up on fire dynamics, extreme fire behavior related to fire suppression theory? Are you in-tune with the most recent theories, practices and reseach or do you need to major tune-up?

If you think these factors are not important OR you dismiss them as being non-material-think again; They are Mission Critical for firefighter safety and incident mitigation.
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