Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Officer Credentialing and Qualifications

It’s no longer acceptable to be functioning and performing in a rank and position of responsibility without the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) in order to execute those duties in an effective, efficient and compliant manner aligned with your department’s policies, procedures and standards. The aspect of officer Credentialing and Qualifications isn’t anything new. The NFPA Professional Fire Officer Qualifications standard has been around since 1976, as have a variety of Pro Board, IFSAC and State approved training programs that lead to certification, credentialing and have a sequential qualifications track.

What are your thoughts related to Fire Officer Credentialing and Qualifications?
  • How does Fire Officer Credentialing and Qualifications get integrated and implemented in the mainstream volunteer fire service?
  • Is it needed, achievable or warranted?
  • Does the role of voting for officers still have a place in the fire service in 2010 and beyond, or are we retaining vestiges from a past that no longer has relevancy or applicability?
Take a look at some insights into a program that seeks to provide a means to document fire officer training, skills and proficiencies aligned with standard rank and position responsibilities, that allow an agency to determine the method for phased implementation of the elements of this program. The intent of a model Voluntary Fire Officer Qualifications Credentialing Matrix is to provide a sequential model for training, education and skill set development that provides uniformity to achieve increasing proficiencies that align with advancements in rank and responsibilities. ( It is not the intent to replace traditional certification paths and processes) Check out the model program HERE.
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  1. I think these credentialing agencies or processes would carry more weight if "payment" was not required. The EFO desgination from NFA will always be the gold standard in my eyes becuase if you complete the course work to a satisfactory standpoint then you recive your designation. Much like college (even though you pay to go to college) if you complete your course work you get a degree. While these other companies may have a process, I think the 225 dollar check may weigh more heavily in your designation than your actual qualifications.


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