Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nature or nurture in the fire service?

A few months ago, retired Fire Chief Ken contacted the Kitchen table with questions about firefighters' motivation. Are you happy in your career? What improves your satisfaction?

He used your answers in a psychology paper titled 'Nature vs. Nurture and Intrinsic Motivation', quoting one TKT response:
'When people call 9-1-1, they are essentially saying that their situation is beyond their control and ability; we come in, look at the situation, and apply a solution that is literally thrown together with what we can find or what we brought on the truck.There are individuals who MIGHT pull something like that off once in their lives; we do it several times every day.'
Another firefighter wrote:
'Sometimes I think this career chose me. I started hanging around the fire station before I could even walk. My family had been involved in the fire service for three generations before me, all as volunteers. I chose, and was lucky enough, to become a paid firefighter and make a career out of something I knew for as long as I can remember.'
With Ken writing, "The volunteer generations before this now career firefighter, have clearly left a legacy; their example of community service was not meaningless."

Thanks to Ken for sharing his results! You can view the paper as a Word HTML document here. (All content is the property of Ken Link.)
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