Friday, January 15, 2010

Fire Behavior Acting Badly; Rowhouse Fire Close Call

Five Baltimore City (MD) firefighters were injuried as a powerful fireball engulfed the front of the dwelling. One firefighter was hospitalized and is reported in stable condition. Two other firefighterrs were hurt during overhaul. The fire in a rowhouse was being worked, when conditions rapidly changed resulting in the extreme fire behavior.
  • As a company or command officer are you maintaining a keen level of situational awareness of fire conditions and observing and predicting fire behavior?
  • When fire behaves badly, there may be little time to react and overcome the severity and magnitude of those self-revealing conditions in a timely manner to preclude injury.
  • What's your dashboard readings telling you when you're observing and reading fire behavior indicators, smoke and scanning the fire scene? Are you monitoring or passive?
  • According to published reports, the early morning fire began in the basement and quickly traveled to the first floor.
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