Saturday, January 23, 2010

Encourage One Another

Ever notice that we rarely take the time to encourage someone along in something they may be dealing with or working on. Have you ever felt that no one really cared if you accomplished a task or assignment they have given you? When was the last time you were cheered on or better yet you cheered someone else on? It is rarely too late to stop what you are doing and make that call, take time out of your day to talk personally to someone, send an email or that a note or card. Letting fellow comrades and others know just how much we appreciate them or how much we are supporting them is an outstanding thing to do. Just think of the impact it will have not only on that individual but the organization as this simply act will likely be reciprocated to others. This creates a domino effect.

All of this is not about coaching, mentoring or managing, though acts of encouragement are parts of these realms as well. This is purely just doing the "nice" thing. I know this takes very little time and has a huge impact on individuals which affect organizations. Just a hint from brother/ sister to brother / sister in the fire service each of us can say and do things to either hearten or dishearten each other. Having a culture in which people feel valued and appreciated is a large part of what makes the department outstanding.

My challenge to each of you is... see what we can do every day to send positive encouragement to another person's day.
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