Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting on the Wall (Part 3)

As a leader you will face opposition on your vision. You must be diligent to carry on and defeat the opposition no matter the efforts. As leaders, when you begin to work, expect opposition because it is coming. Most opposition comes from those who dislike change. Change for these individuals is hard because they first of all don’t want to challenge themselves to a new level and are happy to maintain the status quo. Secondly most of these same individuals don’t have the ability to see the vision. Therefore, it is impossible and a sure failure in their eyes. Thirdly, change is hard and they do not possess the knowledge or ability to manage change. To overcome this opposition you must help them see the vision and manage the transition of change.
Finally leaders must take their vision public. So how do you share your vision publicly?

- State the problem
- Give the solution
- Make the case (why it has to be done)

With true leaders you can not separate the vision from the leader. As leaders who are embarking on a new vision you must be strong to keep that vision true to heart being faithful to the efforts and desire to make that vision come to fruition. Leaders must be diligent in their efforts working tirelessly to accomplish the vision exhausting all means for a successful journey. Never loose faith or lower the vision. Falling short of the vision is better than setting one low and making it. If leaders will follow the vision with heart felt desire you will win!

The wall has fallen and there is a large pile of rubble in front of you. How are you going to view this pile? Will it be a mess or an opportunity? That question can only be answered by the leader within you!
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