Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well 2009 is almost over and as I reflect back over the year I see a lot of similarities in 2009 as in years past. Lets just look at a few on them: we had too many firefighter Line of Duty Deaths; we responded to large disasters, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, emergency medical calls; we saw civilian loss of life and we still have people saying, "we have always done it that way, why do we need to change...what we are doing is working or that stuff doesn't happen here in Anywhere USA." I am sure you can relate to at least one of these.

So as we look at those items I can say that we have a potentially bright future. We have a great United States Fire Administration working hard to make the fire service better through education and innovation. United States Fire Administrator Chief Kelvin Cochran is a firefighters Chief and is making a difference in a short six (6) months. Doctor Denis Onieal and the staff a the National Fire Academy continue to provide premiere educational courses. We see firefighters and fire officers work tirelessly to make necessary changes and provide street level training. Our new firefighter coming on board are more technologically Savoy than ever before.

Just wanted to take some of the issues and provide a few questions for intro-inspection that you can share with your troops to reflect back on this past year:

1. Have I given the fire service 100% every time I had to perform?
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2. Am I a shiner (one who is always positive working to make things better being a team player), whiner(always having something to complain about and needs some cheese to go with that whine) or recliner (always sitting back waiting for someone else to do something, for some it is ROAD...Retired on Active Duty).

3. Do you believe fire and life safety education, code enforcement and sprinkler iniciatives are proactive firefighting and the right things to focus on?

4. If my time in the fire service is like two dates with a dash in the middle and that dash is my contribution...what would my dash look like?

There is a lot of things that have occurred throughout 2009 much like every other year before it. reflecting back on this year, I see we need to be looking forward to the future. We need to be bridging many gaps that exist in the fire service.

I look forward with great anticipation to 2010 and what it will bring!

What are you going to do to impact the fire service in 2010?
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