Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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2009: Year of the Swine Fools

On this fine eve of a new decade, it seems prudent to reflect at least on the highlights of 2009. From a medical perspective, the H1N1 pandemic was the headline hog of the year. And what one would think by now, given all the lessons of the decade, would be a smooth and coordinated response turned out to be more of an embarrassment. My end of year column on and provides the highlights of what I consider to have been the year of Swine Fools. Clearly what's coming down from up above is less than we need to respond appropriately to H1N1 or any other big outbreak. You might even have seen examples of Swine Foolery at home if you had health care workers and public safety role models questioning the utility of vaccination. Probably, these are people who don't believe in seat belts either. Let's hope for a better 2010...

Mike McEvoy
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