Sunday, November 15, 2009

Building Construction & Performance

If you don't fully understand how a building truly performs or reacts under fire conditions and the variables that can influence its stability and degradation, movement of fire and products of combustion and the resource requirements for fire suppression in terms of staffing, apparatus and required fire flows, then you will be functioning and operating in a reactionary manner.

This places higher risk to your personnel and lessens the likelihood for effective, efficient and safe operations. You're just not doing your job effectively and you're at RISK. These risks can equate into insurmountable operational challenges and could lead to adverse incident outcomes.

Someone could get hurt, someone could die, it's that simple, it's that obvious.
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  1. effective, efficient and safe operations these are highly needed in construction industries

  2. i am planning to have a loft conversion, i visited this site and they look awesome, but still i needs some ore opinion.

  3. with the loft conversion, plumbing is also needed, and guess what, they also have plumbing sevice, wow, this is good.


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