Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Not Always Business as Usual...

How much thought and efforts do you place on looking beyond the routiness of our response operations? You know, the redundancy, routiness and frequency of typical calls you run, the types of fire you engage in and the manner in which your company interfaces with the balance of the alarm response when working a good job or multiple alarm operations. When things go wrong, they can go wrong at an escalating rate that may at times not be apparent.

Think about the issues that affect Errors, Omissions, Unknown or Unrecognized Building Profile or Construction, Wrong Tactics, Lack of Resources, Dysfunctional Command, Inadequate skills, High Risk-No Value, Situational Awareness, Tactical Entertainment…

From a company level, what are your concerns related to the routiness of your operations? How would you relate to the fact that: "It's NOT always business as usual".

Look HERE for a NIOSH LODD report that was recently published
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