Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The NEW Lexicon and Challenges

Engineered Structural Assemblies & Systems (ESS)
· THE Predominate Fire Service Challenge....
· The NEW Lexicon to add to your operational safety vocabulary and incident action plans...
· Do you know what they represent and how these components, assemblies and systems may affect or influence incident operations?
· Do some research and check these terms out for starters. We’ll talk more about these components and assemblies in the near future. So get busy on your down time today...

It's a Lot More than just talking about "Light Weight" Construction....

Ø From Plywood-CDX….to…
Ø Particle Board- PB
Ø Orient Strand Board-OSB
Ø Structural Composite Lumber- SCL
Ø Laminate Strand Lumber- LSL
Ø Laminate Veneer Lumber-LVL
Ø Structural Insulated Panels-SIP
Ø Parallel Strand Lumber-PSL
Ø Machine Stress Rated Lumber- MSR
Ø Medium Density Fiberboard-MDF and MDL (Lumber)
Ø Finger Jointed Lumber-FJL
Ø Adhesives…..

Take a look at an informative posting over at the Firegeezer, HERE. He has some great contributed information and manufacturer “insights” on the subject engineered wood I-joists and beams and firefighter safety. There are some interesting statistical extrapolations, correlations and conveniences’ that attempt to make the case. But then again, You be the judge. Take at look at the presentation developed by the American Forest and Paper Association, HERE and HERE.

We’ll have some more detailed follow-up on engineered systems information over at Taking it to the Streets. Remember, Building Knowledge = Firefighter Safety (Bk-F2S)

Don't forget to check out the free online training program on Structural Stability of Engineered Lumber in Fire Conditions at the UL University HERE

Other important Reference links:

NIOSH Publication No. 2009-114: Preventing Deaths and Injuries of Fire Fighters Working Above Fire-Damaged Floors HERE

NIOSH Publication No. 2005-132: Preventing Injuries and Deaths of Fire Fighters Due to Truss System Failures HERE

Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief Dies after Falling Through Floor Hole in Residential Structure during Fire Attack—Indiana, HERE

First-floor collapse during residential basement fire claims the life of two fire fighters (career and volunteer) and injures a career fire fighter captain - New York, Report HERE

Career Fire Fighter Dies After Falling Through the Floor Fighting a Structure Fire at a Local Residence - Ohio, HERE

Colerain Township, Ohio Double LODD Preliminary Report, HERE

Career engineer dies and fire fighter injured after falling through floor while conducting a primary search at a residential structure fire - Wisconsin, HERE

NFPA Report on Light Weight Construction, HERE

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