Monday, August 3, 2009

Derby, Conn., Can You Spare Five Dollars?

Photo: Valley Independent Sentinel
Derby Aldermen David Lenart talks about struss construction.
The city of Derby, Connecticut, is considering following in the footsteps of Greencastle, Ind. and New York by requiring stickers on new construction that identify whether buildings have engineered lumber and/or truss construction.

The Valley Independent Sentinel covers the proposed law in Derby, Can You Spare Five Dollars (To Save A Life)?. The article mentions the buzz the issue has received, and specifically mentions three articles:

- NFPA Journal: It’s not lightweight construction. It's what happens when lightweight construction meets fire.
- Understanding the Dangers of Lightweight Truss Construction (full article requires subscription)
- The Kitchen Table: Enhancing Firefighter Safety: One Step at a Time, by our own Christopher Naum!

Way to help spread the word and, hopefully, the action to go with it.
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