Sunday, July 5, 2009

Teen Hates Firemen and Cops Arrested

In the What the heck category...
A 16-year-old Garden City teen was arrested for obstructing a Garden City Fire rescue and police officers at an accident scene June 29.

According to a police report, the fire rescue was on route in response for a call for service at 28451 Ford to assist a 14-year-old bicyclist who was struck by a truck. While trying to enter the driveway near a Speedway station, with the 16-year-old boy deliberately walked slowly across the driveway with exaggerated slow movements in order to amuse a group of youths nearby who had stepped aside to allow the emergency vehicles to pass.

Once the teen passed, a firefighter asked him why he hadn't moved aside. The teen responded with a swear word which was heard by the police officer. The teen was arrested, processed and his mother was called.

He refused to give his full name and said that he hates firemen and cops, according to the report...READ ALL
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