Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sixty Seconds for a Three Sixty

As I was contemplating the development of a posting for today, one that was intended to pose a few rhetorical questions on Leadership and Cultural Safety, I came across an email forward to me by a good friend Brian O’Malley a motivational speaker, with a proclamation that provided a three-sixty (360) review to a recent strategic alignment meeting I participated in.

As I looked at the words and phrased statements, it became obvious that these thirty-six words aligned compactly within twelve lines provide a distinct three hundred and sixty degree perspective on much of what each of us should strive for; each day, on each shift, and at every call. These are demanding times that accellerate a variety of emotions, uncertaintly and at times of personal discovery. Regardless of your rank or time in grade, the length of time in your organization, the size and structure of your department or the level of your daily demands and challenges; leadership, mentoring, contributing, setting the example, being at your very best individually or collectively as part of a team, a company or a department is essential and pivotal-Think about it…..

Find your Energy
Explore your Strengths
Discover you Passion
Expand your Perspective
Understand your Beliefs
Choose your Attitude
Align your Behaviors
Challenge your Perception
Define your Success
Live your Value
State your Mission
Proclaim your Purpose

Take the time to look at this video HERE, take the time to Celebrate What’s Right…..

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