Monday, July 13, 2009

More Than Coffee To Start The Day!

Almost every morning, I step out of my office and walk several blocks to the local Starbucks to get my “fix” for the morning. Certainly a ritual performed by many each and every day across our country.

Perhaps it is a sad testament to my java dependence (sounds better than addiction) that several of the employees know me by name and have some understanding of what particular drink I will be ordering. Likewise, I actually know several of them by name!

There is one barista, in particular, who actually provides more than just that cup of grande skim latte each morning. Josh is that person in life who always has a smile on his face and radiates sheer joy each and every day. No day ever seems to be a bad day for this guy. He also knows the name of each and every customer that walks in and they him. Not only does he know the names, he actually seems to know everyone personally.

I also have noticed that people who walk in, including me, with a bit of a glum look tend to walk out smiling after interacting with Josh. While you are waiting for your drink, he always engages you and manages to recall little tid bits from previous conversations.

In the two years I have made my trek to this particular establishment, I honestly can not recall a single day that Josh has not had a smile on his face and a positive disposition. He works two jobs and long hours yet I have never heard him complain – not once. So I get a lesson each day I walk in there that you can make a positive difference in another person’s day just by being nice and in a positive mood. I think I have also learned, as Abe Lincoln once said, you can be as happy or sad as you make your mind up to be. I guess I get more than coffee to start my day!
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  1. I know of several Starbucks locations in my area where a similar experience can be had. This sort of attention to people and the importance of interaction is why Starbucks has built the brand they have. What other massive multinational corporation can open up a location in your neighborhood that feels so unique and "yours"?

  2. You could also perfectly described a barista named Chris at my local Starbucks in San Francisco. I wonder what it is about their hiring practices, corporate culture, etc. that leads to this phenomenon?

  3. Guys,

    Very interesting remarks. I may have to ask about their hiring practices and corporate culture as, based on both comments, my experience is not an isolated incident.



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