Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitchen Table Debut

Thank you to for the opportunity to be a contributor on The Kitchen Table blog. I grew up in West Virginia with three brothers. When you have three brothers, being called to the kitchen table meant you dropped whatever you were doing and b-lined for the food. Those of us who arrived early got the best pickins, whether it was the biggest chicken leg or the juiciest steak.

When I was growing up my mom insisted that we sit down as a family and eat dinner together. There was no showing up an hour late or taking a plate into the living room to watch TV. She would not hear of it. Dinner was a family event... non-negotiable. Thankfully, my wife (who grew up with six brothers and sisters) was raised with the same principles.

Now we do the same thing in my house. We have four school-aged kids who are all very active in sports, scouts, church and, of course, their social lives. But we still find a way to stay true to this most treasured family tradition. We know that the kitchen table is the one place that we can all share what is going on in our lives, to discuss the family plans or to share the big news of the day.

I don't want you to think we're some kind of Ozzie and Harriett family... far from it. In many respects we're more like Ozzie and Sharon. But we do understand that communications is key to being an effective and cohesive family. And for us, the location where most of that dialog occurs... is the kitchen table.

I take the privilege and responsibility of being invited to The Kitchen Table seriously... but don't expect my postings to be the same. So pass that big plate of juicy topics and let's dig in!

Richard B. Gasaway, PhD, EFO, CFO
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