Friday, July 3, 2009

Buildings under Construction: Risk and Operations

It’s been a busy week for a couple of departments nationally with major fires at buildings under construction. A multiple alarm fire struck a 5 –story Apartment Complex in Renton, Washington that occupies nearly a full city block on Tuesday June 30th, HERE and HERE for details.

On Monday June 29th, a spectacular multiple alarm fire destroyed approximately 55 townhouses that were under construction in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. HERE and HERE for details.

Buildings under construction and related construction sites pose unique strategic and tactical operational profiles and are considered high risk incidents to both manage and operate at. Firefighters are at a significant higher risk for injury or death while operating at incident scenes, as is the potential for rapidly escalating multiple alarm needs.

What were the operational and safety issues you may have encountered at similar events in your own jurisdiction? How effective were the operations? What could have been improved? Do your companies conduct periodic inspections and pre-fire planning of construction sites, complexes and developments? If not, Why? See these issues HERE and HERE

Check out the Ten Minutes in the Street: Buildings under Construction-Fire Scenario posted, HERE

More Detailed insights on; Operational Safety at Construction Sites, HERE
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