Thursday, July 2, 2009

As If Brown Outs Were Not Enough!

During one of the most difficult financial times in our countries history, our beloved fire service is potentially getting ready to take another financial hit. As many of you know by now, The Heritage Foundation has recently published an “opinion” that urges CONGRESS TO ELIMINATE THE FIRE ACT GRANT/SAFER PROGRAMS.

As Mike McEvoy of this Blog has previously stated, we better come together and give some quick thought as to how the grant outcomes should really be measured. Of course this is an old fire service, and especially prevention and public education, issue in that how do we substantiate and document outcomes as it relates to the fire that never happened? The lives saved because we corrected a code violation or someone went home and corrected some unsafe behavior that could have led to a fire or injury?

It is tough but we better figure this one out and quick!

I want to make all of you aware of two great thoughts on the topic by two really smart fire service leaders: Billy Goldfeder and Harry Carter.

Kill ALL Fire Grants, Assume The Position, Staffing/Layoffs (The Secret List)

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