Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roundtable: Fire Grants in 2009

Welcome to the first TKT Roundtable Discussion! Bloggers and commenters are invited to share your stories, frustrations and tips about this year's grant and funding climate.

Fire grants have been in the news a lot in recent months, with President Obama announcing plans to cut AFG while increasing SAFER grant funding. Do you agree with this decision? Did your department apply for AFG or SAFER this year? Why or why not?

Fire station construction is also set to receive $210 million in federal stimulus funding. What are your departments’ current funding priorities? Do you plan to apply for the upcoming Fire Station Construction grant?

Is your department being hurt by a lack of funding in the current economy? If so, how? How are you trying to fund projects besides applying for grants?

Were you successful at applying for any grants in the last year? What tips do you have? Were you unsuccessful in any applications? Did you learn anything worth sharing from the process?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back to hear from The Kitchen Table bloggers.
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