Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some Firefighters Do the Dumbest Things

When looking for firefighter videos, I typically search for high quality and high content clips. I try to focus my search on major fires, close calls and mishaps — generally things that firefighters will be interested in and can even learn from.

But in recent months I seem to be coming across more and more videos that take a whole new approach to firefighting and the profession at large. These videos feature firefighters performing various prank-like stunts that are often dangerous and crude. Maybe it is a generational thing; a "Jackass" mentality inspired by the TV show of the same name.

I can for no reason justify or quantify what these firefighters are partaking in. In the age where viral video rules, and everyone wants to be a star, I can only think their irresponsible actions are for pure shock value.

This following video features firefighters training in a car-related rescue operation. I would assume the day started out in learning how to take the glass of a car, and ended up with this:

So we start out using a combination of window punch and actual punch:

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