Monday, May 18, 2009

Pennsylvania Firefighter Injured From Hood Strut

Firefighter close calls is reporting a PA firefighter was injured during a car fire by a HOOD STRUT. This is one topic I have tried to cover with videos very carefully. There are many examples on video of these failures. Please be careful when operating on car fires.

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A Pennsylvania Firefighter was IMPALED by a heated and exploding HOOD STRUT while operating at a car fire. In this most recent "hood strut projectile" event, which happened in Swatara Township (PA), Firefighters from the Friendship Fire Company of Bressler last week arrived at a "routine" engine compartment fire which quickly changed from being routine.. A line was stretched and crews worked to open the hood...while operating, a hood shock exploded and impaled a FF in the right knee. EMS treated and transported him to an area trauma center where he was treated and spent the night. He luckily escaped without major injuries from the incident and is expected to make a full recovery.

Firerescue1 - "Over Aggressive Attacks on Car Fires" - feature story by me - CLICK HERE

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and as I like to say...


watch till 3:15 for explosion...[Video not from PA Injury]

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