Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fire Chief Expectations

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the swearing in ceremony for our new Fire Chief Richie Bowers. Especially pleasing for me as Chief Richie is a long time prevention and safety advocate and just a really good guy.

As I went to find a place to sit I noticed that all of the seats had the obligatory program booklet laid upon them. Upon sitting down, I noticed there was one other item that I thought was very cool (see below).

What I saw was a roughly 4 x 4 magnetic card suitable for placement on any fire station refrigerator. On the card was a title “Fire Chief’s Expectations” along with several bullet points (without the bullets) highlighting what the Chief expected from all of us. I thought that was pretty cool!

We obviously also heard those expectations verbally highlighted during the Chief’s remarks. But we now have his expectations in writing and in a way that can be posted throughout the fire stations. Very simple yet very effective!
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