Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cutting Edge SCBA Prototype under Development

This is the latest version of the new 45 minute 4500psi SCBA being developed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Directorate for Science and Technology (S&T Directorate) and the IAFF.

The ultra low profile SCBA module is shown with cut aways to show the cells wrapped with carbon.

The Directorate for Science and Technology (S&T Directorate) is the primary research and development arm of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Mission and Objectives of The S&T Directorate, in partnership with the private sector, national laboratories, universities, and other government agencies (domestic and foreign), helps push the innovation envelope and drive development and the use of high technology in support of homeland security. Previous post HERE
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  1. I was recently thinking about this new prototype SCBA and that it has real potential. I have many times worked with several different kinds of breathing apparatus over my past 50 years of service. The so called "All Purpose Type" of which was no more than a filter toward hostile atmospheres but did nothing for the lack of Oxygen, the Navy OBA of which I preferred over todays SCBA because of its compactness, lighter weight, and everything is in front of me and that I can change out canisters without removing the mask, and off coarse the SCBA that I never did like because it was cumbersome, one could get hung up, or snag live wires, and when the alarm sounded one had to leave to get the bottle changed. Said all that this new prototype may be the best answer but I would like to caustion that it may contribute to heat exhaustion because in the way it blankets the back, I do not know but I hope someone takes it to conciderstion and take measures to prevent it.


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