Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Arson Awareness Week

Just a quick reminder that this week (May 3 – 9) is Arson Awareness Week. The theme this year is simply: Arson for Profit.

Does the theme, Arson for Profit, strike anyone else as weird? Maybe even a tad bit funny? Almost implies to folks that they could start a fire and make some money. We in the fire service certainly know what the USFA is trying to say here but Joe Q. Public may not. During these tough economic times, someone out there might just be inspired by the message.

It reminds me of my days in the fire station when one of my shift mates decided to come up with his own Arson Awareness Week message: You Light ‘Em, We Fight ‘Em! Sadly around my neck of the woods these days, that message could also be “We Light ‘Em, We Fight ‘Em” as several area fire fighters are being investigated for allegedly being a part of an arson ring. Sad indeed.

I would like to suggest to the good folks at the USFA, in hindsight, that one term they used in the awareness verbiage would maybe have sounded better: economic arson. Prevent Economic Arson seems to me a better message than Arson for Profit. Just my two cents worth which is actually now only worth a half a cent during this recession!
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