Sunday, April 12, 2009

Insert Your Name Here

I just finished reading the Firehouse Magazine heroism awards issue. You really have to read these a couple of times to sense the magnitude of what really took place in some of these incidents.

As I read these (like I do every year), I wondered to myself, would I be able to do the things that have been laid out in front of me. I would hope that I had the training experience and intestinal fortitude to do it, but you never know unless you are faced with that particular predicament.

As firefighters we have taken an oath to risk our lives (not trade) for others. It is the basis for our profession.

Take some time and look at the articles and the narratives and see if you could Insert your name here in place of the member who performed the task. If you are a company officer, look at your crew across the kitchen table and think if their name could be inserted there. If you are a chief of department, read the stories and see how many of your folks could insert their name there.

Use the article to make sure your troops are ready for whatever task they have to face. We handle a ton of mundane responses which lead to complacency. Will we be ready when we are called upon to do the extraordinary?

Think about it.
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