Saturday, April 11, 2009

Buckle Up

When you get ready to rollout onto the streets today, make sure everyone is buckled up and secured in their seats. That means everyone. If you don't have an SOP that ensures all personnel on every company are requried to be buckled in before the appratus leaves the station floor, then you're only gambling with the lives of your firefighters.

Take a look at the Near Miss Reporting System web site. There's a tremendous amount of usefull information, especially in the way of operating experience and near misses. Learn from them, so that a near miss doesn't turn into something more serious, like the recent events we've talked about here. Take a look at the National Seat Belt Pledge and also check out the Near Miss Report of the week-ROTW. Slow down in your response, drive defensively, wear your seat belts and remember; "it really is OK to be second or third due,-or last; than not to make it to the scene at all..."

Buckle-up and stay safe.....
It does happen everyday, HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE..
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  1. In this, the year of taking control of our personal safety: if step one is getting into your PPE, then step two would certainly be getting to the scene safely and that means obeying traffic laws and making sure that the crew is buckled in.
    We have all-well, most of us-have read the reports on ejections from vehicles from not wearing seatbelts, so the intel is there that says "you will live longer and prosper" if you wear your seatbelt.
    So, why, after 45 plus years of having seatbelts required in vehicles are we still having this discussion?
    We is it that we respond to MVAs and comment to the press that the victims may have survived if they had been wearing their seatbelts when we didn't wear our seatbelt while enroute to the scene?
    Talk about hypocrisy.


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