Friday, April 24, 2009

The Basics of Command

How many times have we heard it? ONE central, visible, strong incident commander for every incident utilizing an accepted incident management system and good accountability practices are essential for the positive outcome of most every incident, much less a disaster. With the advent of much more complex multi-disciplinary incidents came the realization that unified command was a better way of looking at it, and in the wake of wide-area disaster management, a realization that these incidents were best managed by using emergency operations centers with appropriate staffing and coordination between communities to insure that needs are identified, the right resources are requested, and the resources are allocated to where they are best utilized.

I blogged at Firehouse Zen about it tonight and got to reading a bunch of old stuff (I'm talking about stuff from the early '80's) on disaster management. We were talking about it then and here we are, more than a quarter-century later, hashing out the same old discussions.

Why do we keep re-visiting the same old issues? When are we going to learn?
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