Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cops & Firefighters in New Hampshire

I was just wondering how everyone else at the kitchen table felt about the police in New Hampshire using firefighter gear as a ruse to make an arrest.
This has been done here in Massachusetts a few years ago.
I am not sure I personally think it is a good idea. I can see cooperating with the police in lots of ways and whenever you can because I believe public safety needs to work hand in hand with each other.....but.....
I think people (the public) look at our two professions differently and I am not sure we want the public to ever doubt if we are really who we say we are. I think this especially true if your department operates and EMS system with transporting ambulance. Our paramedics must have the public trust.
I certainly do not have all the facts and circumstances involved here but it certainly seems to be a bad idea in hindsight.
What do you think?
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