Sunday, March 15, 2009

A bit of frustration...

As most of you who read this (which is probably why you read this) I am a student of the fire service trade.

I read a ton of stuff daily to try to stay current and read all of the various trade journals. I also have a passion for this job and I remain truly convinced that there is nothing a group of firefighters cannot do.

We do great things at every alarm. We can handle high angle, trench rescue, haz mat, para medicine and all of the crazy runs we go on that do not fit into any category. Our creativity, ingenuity and work ethic rivals any other profession on the planet.

So tell me..........why cannot we reduce the number of line of duty injuries and deaths.
I really just don't get it.

A number of years ago I delivered a series of lectures on a program I developed called Firefighter's Anonymous. I am almost thinking it is time to dust it off and begin again. We have the technology, we have better equipment, we have model procedures and standards and nothing seems to be changing. Maybe it really is just us and our culture and beliefs?

I will keep my nose to the grindstone and keep trying. I am smart enough to know we will have injuries and deaths because we do dangerous stuff and show up at dangerous scenes. I am also convinced that we should not just stand outside like flamingos on the lawn, but there needs to be somewhere in the middle.

National initiatives and organizations are doing what they can, but we need to take these concepts and deliver them and practice them in firehouses everywhere
We have the answers. We need implementation and action.

What better group to make something that seems so impossible a task, but America;'s firefighters!

Let's give it a try......who wants to help?
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