Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Back to the (BLS) Past?

If the events in Columbus, Ohio recently foreshadow typical economic adjustments, we've got problems. Reverting Columbus Fire Department back to an all BLS agency circa 1968 is expected to save the City big money, according to a committee assigned to find cost savings. Conceptually, the idea is not a big surprise given our continual conversations on evidence (or lack thereof) for improved outcomes from what we do.

Columbus, for those who may not be old enough to recall, helped birth ALS along with Seattle, Miami, LA, and Pittsburgh. That means the concept is not new for that metro area. Their annual call volume runs about 98,000. They're not small, they're not new, and they're not entrenched in any big controversies.

I take this recommendation as a call to action for the Fire service. Decisions on cost savings need to be made by inside Fire and EMS experts, not by an outside committee. If we allow the health of our communities and viability of our fire service to be manipulated without our input, the results will not be pretty.

Mike McEvoy
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