Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Safety, Health & Survival Week; June 14-20

2009 Safety, Health & Survival Week: June 14 - 20

This year's theme - Protect Yourself: Your Safety, Health & Survival Are Your Responsibility encourages chiefs and Fire/EMS personnel to focus on what they personally can do to manage risk and enhance their health and safety.

Visit: 2009 Safety, Health & Survival Week Website

Start thinking about what YOU can personnally do to support the continuing efforts towards enhanced firefighter safety. It's not ONLY about you; its about your family and taking care of those around you, in the station, in your organization and at home. If you don't think its import go HERE.

Take another minute to read Chief Lamb's posting on "frustration" and Chief Waller's recent posts...are you starting to see some common threads....remember it all has to start somewhere, it can start with you.... Start Planning NOW....

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