Monday, February 2, 2009

Wide-Open (brand) I-Beams

Coming Soon, to your First-Due Area; Wide-Open (brand) Wood I-Beams. Have you seen the latest....Where designs call for premium floor or roof construction, heavy loads, or extended spans, Georgia-Pacific Wood I Beam™ joists are the answer. Lighter and easier to handle than ordinary lumber, Wood I Beam joists offer high strength and stiffness in lengths up to 60'.The 16"-deep Wide Open series joists, intended for uniformly loaded residential floors, also feature pre-cut web openings for easier, faster installation of most mechanical services.

Look at the manner in which these engineered floor joists now make use of large (wide-open) cut outs to accomodate equipment runs, and also present further operational and safety challenges during fire operations. Do you know what's going up in your first or second due response areas? Time to get out onto the streets and check out those construction sites and see what's getting built and how it may affect your future operations...

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  1. No different then what is happening now, except it is done in the factory not the field.


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