Saturday, February 14, 2009

West Coast Post Trauma Retreat

I have been asked to peer review the West Coast Post-Trauma Retreat in San Rafael California. will be in session with them from Sunday February 15th until the following Friday. We have added them to the front page of our web site and have posted on our links page some comments.

The vital critical message here is that it is the only center of it's kind dealing with firefighters, law enforcement and ems as well as military veterans who have a need to be debriefed from their experiences in a safe confidential setting.

This type of "retreat" is not for everyone nor is it for the faint of heart. This program demands that you be present in your authentic wounding and deal with the emotional fallout and backpressures that have wounded your inner basement where stress smoulders and has flashed over.

I highly encourage any first responder to get connected to their web site and read up on them.

Another tool in the tool box and not a fool looking for a tool in the tool add to that....

I will be sharing some of my observations on the center and what I have observed in later postings.......

stay safe
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  1. If any readers have an interest, I have written a novel which centers around a young firefighter who suffers PTS after losing his captain in a burnover.
    It was written after consultation with Mel Hokanson (LACoFD), who was instrumental in initiating the counselling program for County firefighters, and Dr. Victoria Havassy, Consulting Psychologist who counsels firefighters and police officers.

    The book is called One Foot in the Black, can be found on Amazon in paperback.

    Kurt Kamm

  2. I will order the book and have a read on it...thanks for posting the information on the clinicians who supported the efforts. Check out as a web site along with the West Coast Post Trauma Retreat out of San Rafael California. Listed on the web site.
    thanks for posting


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