Monday, February 2, 2009

Power Saw Safety On Fireground

Power Saw Safety on the Fireground

The proper use, care and maintenance of power saws are critical to the success of safe forcible entry operations. Power saws are our "go to" tools in many operations on the fireground. From venting to forcible entry, these tools get the job done fast. They are rapid and efficient and have the ability to cut through various different types of materials at once. They also afford firefighters the energy saved by not having to manually smash or cut through a building's exterior or interior finishes.

There are several key dangers relating to their use:

Do not push a saw beyond the limits of its design or purpose. Never use a saw in a flammable atmosphere. The saw's motor or operation may ignite flammable liquids or gases.
Always operate with full protection and protect your eyes.
Never carry a power tool, raise, or lower a tool that is running...READ ALL

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