Saturday, February 14, 2009

N.F.P.A. book review on Emergency Responder Stress

I conducted an extensive telephone interview with Mike McEvoy in December. Mike is the author of an NFPA book titled:

STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT STRESS. His compostiton was accepted by the NFPA and is published by them and distributed by Barnes and Nobel. NFPA No: STRESS04 ISBN 0-87765-481-6. (2004)

Mikes extensive firefighter and medical background is available on line. We will be setting up a link to the book on our web site soon. In the meantime...... comments:

If you are at any stage of your career this book defines stress and takes you through the stages of understanding it from new entry as an emergency services first responder to, having a stress management plan.

Mike, the author, to me, is a gold nugget in his wisdom and the level of his service to our community. You can key google search his name and book titile to read the comments.

Unfortunately this does not seem to be a book that you see on the shelf in firehouse/station library assets......It should be.

Notwithstanding that fact do not walk out to the net (barnes and nobel) and get a copy. Excellent read. Excellent wisdom in the book and the wisdom that flows in understanding stress for our services is something that every first responder needs in thousand gallon tankers on every run we make.

Final Note: I like the front cover although Mike thinks he should have had a cop and medic on it as well.....the photo is one of a youngish firefighter in his bunker gear, helmet off and sitting on a bench with the duty coats of his unit on the coat rack in the background. He is looking straight into the camera...(black and white photo) think it is an awesome bit of understatement which makes it

......go get some education....from a guy who is in the system....highly motivated as a first responder firefighterveteran himself....and who has defined our stress so well....Mike deserves a medal for nailing the problem on the head....and stepping up to the plate for a solid "home run" on firefighterveteran and Emergency Services stress issues.....very well done indeed...

stay safe
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