Sunday, February 22, 2009

Information Sharing

Just a quick note to start a thread here of where you are getting your fire service information these days?

There are so many news blogs and websites from so many different sources. There is the new use of TWITTER that is really beginning to take off thanks to Bill over at Firegeezer.

Let's post some comments about this so we can all share. Which websites and BLOGS do you check daily? Which ones do you check weekly?

Oh yeah....and do you believe all that you read as fact, or as the opinion of the author? Sometimes we lose sight that a posting may just in fact be another point of view.

Anyway with all of the great information about the things in the fire service today, we are closing the world of information so that even the smallest departments can benefit from large amounts of great opinion and training information.

Use technology to your advantage to help you and your department.
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  1. I check the following blogs daily.

    Kitchen Table
    The Housewatch
    Fire Geezer
    Firefighter Hourly
    Vent enter search
    Traditions Training

    I look at the postings as the opinion of the author but I try to take everything I read and put it into context for my department and our unique situation.

  2. The Secret List/ is a great resource. And I've noticed more news outlets moving toward the breaking-news-alert email style.


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