Friday, January 30, 2009

National Near Miss Reporting System Resources

Did you know that the Near Miss Hit a Major New Milestone?

The National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System reached another milestone when it posted its 2000th report to the website. Report #08-511 was submitted on October 14, 2008. It documents a highway incident that has a favorable outcome because the crews maintained situational awareness and employed best practices to avert injury. Visit to view the report. The reporter notes:

“Situational awareness is a key. The cold, the bridge, the sprinklers, time of day are all contributing factors to a potentially bad outcome. Something had already gone wrong for someone and that's why we were there anyway. Preparation and knowing how and where to position and what the created safety zones are leads to going home the next day… A couple of seconds sooner or later and this would have been a tragic event instead of property damage only.”

Did you also know that also has some great resources and materials to download? If you haven't visited the site in a so!

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