Friday, January 30, 2009

If You Can't Be Careful, You'd Better Be Tough

From my blog at Firehouse Zen:

Our job is dangerous to begin with. So why do we need to add to the danger in a controlled situation? Talk about your efforts in futility- where is the glory and honor in falling off a ladder, or letting a line get away and getting clobbered, or allowing a recruit to get trapped in a controlled burn? If you aren’t going to use your safety equipment and if you aren’t going to use caution in conducting assigned evolutions, shouldn’t we expect you to get hurt?

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  1. Right on, Mick.

    To put it another way, "Smart firefighting keeps you out of the burn unit."

  2. You Guys are right on the mark...

  3. after serving in the military as an e.o.d. tech..(emergency ordanance tech) you learn a few tricks along the way...doing up your ppe and making sure you are squared away before you step off the rig shift at a 4;30 am call we responded as a single pump partner was ex army as well....we went down the alley where the fire was reported....sterno cocktail boiling with gas in a glass bottle and loaded with roofing nails waiting to explode and of course on fire...we put it out...and scouted the area for additonal devices...that was the start of a 24 over the next hours where we tagged 36 devices...the police bomb squad said mark them and tape them off and then go to the next one....we all had to play the connection to your safety...button up with everything you will save you some serious time on the sick list or better still keep you off the burn ward....


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