Monday, January 12, 2009

Hooking Em Young ---This Ain't Your Daddy's Fire Service---Recruit Now

In response to the troubling prevailing trend of declining volunteerism in the Fire Service...oh the hell with that...let's call it what it is, we're in trouble folks....the numbers are bad, the kids aren't signing up and the current membership is aging at a rate that almost guarantees the death knell for Volunteer Fire Departments.

What to do? I've created (and it's a continuing work in progress) a program that my organization (The Firemen's Association of the State of New York...aka FASNY) has given a preliminary green light to pursue that will, hopefully, trigger a response in the target market...Generation WhyShouldICare.

My Master Plan, and yes, you can leave that in capitals, is to bring the fire service into the schools, statewide. Only this ain't your daddy's fire service; we're bringing a younger, hipper, sexier that speaks the same language as the 14-21 year old bracket. My hope is that this Recruitment program (yes, the dreaded "R" word) will kick these kids in the butt and get them off of their apathetic duffs and get them to sign up.

Interested? Hit me up with me your email address and I'll share my thoughts and Master Plan.
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