Monday, January 12, 2009

Boston Ladder Truck Fatality/thoughts

Monday morning quarterbacking from my armchair will not cut to what is going on with the loss and the "catastropic failure" somewhere in the ladder truck.

Suffice to say at this point "we do not know what happened". Like any other loss it will be investigated. Unlike other losses this one hits home with the Emergency Services who are supposed to be "going to help" and not being a part of or involved in "an accident scene" where our own have been killed and wounded "in the line of duty".

It would be a dis-service to try and "guess what happened".

The deceased, the inured, the crew and members of Boston Fire deserve our respectfull silence without commentary except to say......"we feel for our brothers and sisters in the service" in that neck of the woods. Americas front line firefighters routinely go out into the dark abyss of emergency runs to help the "last alarm and return to quarters" for the ladder/pump crew we can say.....the line is still steady and remains intact with Boston.

I have driven rigs that have had brake fade from hot runs....and lost partial braking ability....not fun...not something you want to practise....nor even try to guess as to what you would do your best.....that no civilians were killed is a credit to the operator and his ability to steer his rig away from any fatality.....luck...skill...who knows...but the angels were with him and the crew....and those affected by the impact in the building......

Lets "tap out to time out" on further discussion and awaite the "experts" and "crash investigators report. In the meantime.....

......another line of duty....another loss....another parade.....and the pipes...... oh yes the pipes they are a calling.....

....and we who are left weep.....and carry our dead.....

our heads are low in thoughts and prayers for all of Bostons finest......

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  1. On one hand I congratulate you for bringing up a difficult topic at such a difficult time; but that little voice in my brain wonders if it's just too sooon to begin the dissection before final services have been conducted.

  2. Having served my 26 years in my own department and at the same time been a lifetime member of my honour gurard doing honours flag fold over 155 pensioners, four l.o.d. and six suicides, I felt and continue to feel that a comment on my part is earned and my p.o.v. is my p.o.v. I did not comment but observe that this happened and that we all carry a part of have not walked where I have walked nor have you fought the fires or carried the caskets that I have carried did jump in with your rubber boots and offer up your side of the equation....about the little that the echo of unease about this...that we find our own mortality in the tradgedy of another departments wounding? I don't know. What for me is that I do know....that we can comment and share and at the same time find a level of consideration for our fallen no matter what field of honour they serve on or where they make their last run on. If you are uncomfortable...try and get yourself straight with the Big Chief who was in charge of the call. We all recieved a sober dose on this one....that is my pov and that is the way I see it....after 33 years in the service 26 on the front lines as a nozzel man/medic IAFF member. Brother to Brother...Sister to Sister...from the front lines...

    About final services....if your refereing to God Mom and Apple Pie...and the preacher and those in the bleachers....we will walk the mile with this one and every other that is comming our way in 2009.

  3. My sole purpose for commenting was merely a reflection of Mike's comments regarding giving the appropriate amount of time to the family and department to reflect, to grieve, to pray and to accept the loss before the dissection of the 5 W's begins.

    Nuff said.

  4. It would seem that the process of disection is already "well along". Yes we can chew bubble gum, balance a plate on a stick, weep and laugh while putting on our duty coats....It does not always look pretty "can do" people....we get the job done...In this case...not soon enough nor fast enough for answers that are going to be "hard ball". Any firefighterveteran would want it to be play'd that pretty pink ribbons...but the truth...nothing but the help me....

  5. Looking at some of the accounts today, a city's fire department is grieving and angry, a city administration is grabbing for answers and Lt.Kelley's bereaved family is devastated.
    An outside investigation into the condition of the apparatus is already been called for by the union.
    Emotions are high. The number of questions are higher.
    Rest in peace, Lt. Kevin Kelley.
    God bless the Boston FD.

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome and pointing out the correct path in my thought process. I must say, the essence of brotherhood stands firm.

    Just my p.o.v.

  7. we now see in our rear view mirror form the date of march 2oth and counting..... the scampering and pampering of the politics through our eyeball and perspective of solid evidence. With the grounding (stand down)of so many front line rigs for safety issues relating to brakes.....seems that....the hardball questions are hitting a home run every time they are asked by the Union and the family. Lives precious lives have been saved because people did not duck the hard questions nor delay in seeking the hard answers......we now in peace....and move on to new challenges...never forgetting the price paid by our front line firefighterveterans....wherever they are wherever they serve....
    God Help and Bless them All...


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