Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boston Issues Present Clear and Present Danger

The death of Kevin Kelley in Boston is a tragedy. We all paused to think of Kevin and his family as well as the brothers on the job in Boston. However, instead of allowing time to pass the Jakes in Boston decided they needed to protect other Jakes straight away.

Brake issues are at the forefront of the investigation in Boston. Already a second unit, the first inspected after the death of Kevin, has been removed from service. If Boston's firefighters had waited another accident could have occurred.

I'm close with a number of Boston jakes. My own writing on the issue began because they asked many of us to begin to probe the issues early on due to the danger presented. Local 718 spoke with Kevin's family. They want the truth.

The experts are in place to begin to determine all of the facts. Due to the circumstances it would have been unwise, and unsafe, to avoid pressuring the city into inspecting 55 front line units.

Kevin Kelley is forever in our hearts. We also have to think about the jakes responding to calls today.
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  1. In our hearts and prayers as the runs continue in Boston....

  2. Hopefully other cities will take note and be more aware of the importance of good maitenance programs

  3. I think that addressing the issues related to the aging of fire department truck fleets nationwide -- and not specifically Boston -- is something that is long overdue

  4. Thoughts and prayers with the Lt's family. I see today Fire Commissioner Roderick J. Fraser Jr. said he "can’t be confident” in the safety of the BFD fleet.


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