Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boots on the CheckerPlate

As Boston works it's way through the maze and asks the questions along with the "should have could have would have" we find ourselves in observation and contemplation.

The front line is pushing back to the rear with the "need to know" of the "how? and the why?".

I am struck by something that triggered in my upstairs locker space......it centers around the "fundamentals" of the American people and the "Spirit of 76" can do attitude that has carried this great nation into the 21st century.....

In Iraq during the "early stages of the war" the Humvee's being used were just not equipped with the armour to protect many of our exposed soldiers from the blasts and shrapnel produced by I.E.D.'s. The spirit of '76 came out and the women and men started to put flame to metal and tacked on "hillbilly armour" to the units until the "R.E.M.F.'s" started to get the up armour kits to the front lines ..... we lost many before that finally became a part of the kit that addressed the need.

In the Boston sense from comments posted here at the kitchen table (yeah we talk here about the crap that needs to be talked about cause it is what we do when the job needs to get done)....I am again reminded of the spirit of '76, the courage, the flame, the "can do spirit".

I too remember after a line of duty that we still had to work the "front lines" with shifts that did not break the continuation of service delivery that citizens needed. No "hang ups" when you dialed 911 to ask for help from fire. "Men" are asking hard ball questions....ones which will not look pretty to those who must deliver the answers....."Men" are going to call to task those who are in charge to get to the "basement of cause" on this one.

The union has stepped up to shelter the family God Bless Them......and that shelter is no less than equal to the same shelter offered and freely given from the passionate heartspaces of all of Boston Fire.....and for that matter any firefighterveteran I have ever encountered in this type of work.....so....

Before the pipes begin to lament.....the "broadsword of truth" shall cleave it's way into this mess....but leave no doubt in your mind or the mind of anyone who views this event......the "Rubber Boot Warriors" who are on the immediate front lines in Boston are "warriors in a culture that accepts the sacrifice".

Boston Fires long history and service to it's citizens begins with those who put their boots on the "checkplate" and who ride their charriots of fire into the abyss of need.......but...

answers to questions.....hard ball in your face questions needing answers "now" are being asked.....the family and the members deserve those answers as soon as they can be delivered.......so....

Boston stands "Fast" and holds the fireline in check.....with their reality.....and we can but give them our prayers....and our thoughts to all in "that extended family".

From the nozzel end with the rough and tumble of this event......you would expect and get nothing less.....from the finest.......

my thoughts my point of view....my way...

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