Monday, January 19, 2009

Be a PUPIL and be successful

An exerpt from my FFN blog...

Approaching a big fire, emergency, or staff project with the mindset that you're the teacher sets you up for failure. The PUPIL mindset can help you be much more successful. PUPIL is not only a concept to help remind you that the best leaders strive to continually learn, it also is a mneumonic that can help structure your approach to the problem.

P - Preparation If you're prepared, you have a much better chance for success. Preparation includes planning, but it isn't limited to it. Training, planning, good SOGs, and the mindset that "it CAN happen here" are all parts of Preparation.

U - Understanding If you don't really understand the problem, you're likely not going to be successful in overcoming it. Understanding comes through education, training, risk assessment, networking, and brainstroming.

P - Persistance If you give up easily, the problem will beat you every time. You have to be persistant in order to win. NEVER give up. If Plan A doesn't work, try Plan B. Have a Planning Branch working on Plan C and Plan D, just in case.

I - Idiotproofing Face it, not everyone you will see at a fire, a disaster, or in a group setting will see things the same way you do. There will be people that will actively sabotage or passively resist new ideas or new thought processes just because they're new. You have to anticipate resistance and build it into your IAP or project timeline if you want a realistic action plan. Other people just maynot "get it". They may resist out of the best of intentions...or laziness...or discomfort with change...or they may just not be imaginative enough to see that an alternative approach may create success.

L - Luck Luck plays a part in every big fire, disaster, or major project. If you have good luck, recognize it and take advantage of it. If you have bad luck, recognize it, figure out a way to overcome it, and refer back to Persistance.

Good luck, everyone.
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