Friday, December 5, 2008

Which Seat Is Mine?

"Which seat is mine?" I remember having to ask when I was a covering Lieutenant sitting down for the meal at the kitchen table. Usually, the Officer gets the spot closest to the phone or the T.V. on my job; there are perks I guess. In this case, I'll sit anywhere because there are a bunch of great fire service bloggers here who I am honored to be sitting next to.

Hello, my name is Erich and I am the editor of I was asked to join the TKT and leave a few words and thoughts now and then. The fire service blogosphere is growing almost as fast as the political and social blogosphere and it is nice to have a "hub" that brings a bunch of us together. I hope you stop by once in a while. While my (our) intent is to provide commentary and to opine on current issues and topics, there is a tremendous benefit to reading the myriad perspectives. To paraphrase a great book I read a while ago, heterogeneity breeds moderation. I have also come to realize that there is often someone in the room with a better idea or solution than mine. Or more specifically, at the kitchen table...
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