Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something for Christmas

Sending this email after some rest time out.....I was down to Santa Clarita during the tremendous fires that were burning in SOCAL. Interviewed Dan Jordan and John Hicks authors of a book titled: "The First Responders Book of Humor". Dan is a member of law enforcement and John Hicks is with L.A. Fire Department. John had burns on his face from the tremendous whirlwhinds full of brans that the front line fire fighters faced during that event.

We discussed the fire line situation and how the stress has taken it's toll on all aspects of "the system in Emergency Response, ie the tri services law, fire and ems.

Both men are seasoned veterans and collaborated on putting together an excellent book that does one of the best jobs I have seen in describing a stress management model using humor as the introduction. Dan is alos a "magician" and does lectures and presentations in the southern california region using his magic to educate and inform firefighters and law enforcement personal and their families about what they need to do to "balance their lives to always win".

Check it out on for a gift you may want for a member in fire, law enforcement, or ems. We all know what stress is. Forrest Gump described the "S" word as "it happens". We also know that stress is taking lives off the front lines sometimes for good. Education is the key element in getting ourselves hooked up to the humour hydrant and letting the fun flow and keep us healthy and well in the most challenging job in the world.

Have a think on the subject and pass on a good gift ideas to partners and friends in the service.
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