Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PPV Hazzards - VIDEO of Close Call

To go with the previous article.

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  1. It continues to be the fire service as usual when PPV is used incorrectly and then bashed as being inefective or unsafe. First, the blower is directed into the structure after the attack crew has already enterd. Secondly, the large volume of angry (fuel rich) smoke emmitting out of the front of the building indicates no exit point located away from the attack entrance. Additionally the presence of smoke seeping out of the concealed overhead space warrents to be opened up to check for flame spread. There is more... Our FD has been using PPV in a PPA mode for almost 20 year with no close calls and many success stories. Please consider obtaining more training and education about PPV and PPA before you close your mind to a tool that can do more for occupant and firefighter safety and survival than any other for the last 30 years. Rick Mueller, West Allis WI

  2. ...good call and write up Rick....anyone who needs to get more information on this from the horses mouth and not the other end should give rick a shout and listen to the wisdom....
    stay safe
    fight the good fight
    use everything including the
    kitchen table to get the job done...


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